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Peter Maddison-Greenwell Maddison-Greenwell


United Kingdom
UTC +1

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Country: United Kingdom

Time zone: UTC +1

Language: English

Discipline: Dressage

Lesson price: 100 EUR


50 years

About me

I have been riding since the age of nine. Teaching and training professionally at sixteen years of age. As a teenager, I trained horses and began to teach novice riders. I soon went on to train young horses and polo ponies for the Rothchilds.

I became passionate about the history of training horses and have studied the writings of the great masters of classical riding. More importantly, using that I have trained many of our own and clients horses to the highest levels. I have taught at all levels from novice to Grand Prix and beyond, including eventers, dressage riders and performers of authentic historical portrayals like myself.

I have been teaching internationally in America, Germany, Spain and UK for over twenty years.

In 1994 I created, produced and performed in our equestrian theatre production of, "The Legend of Spain" in London. This was probably the first of its kind in England. This was one of many productions attracting royalty, celebrity and equestrian enthusiasts.

Our shows as EL Caballo de España and our lecture-demonstrations number over three thousand and cover all aspects of riding throughout history. One project still going after five years shows the work of William Cavendish, The Duke of Newcastle at the famous Bolsover House.

I welcome the growing novice wishing to learn what is correct, progressive and in the best interest of the horse to the seasoned rider wishing to continue their neverending journey. The lessons reflect my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for all that is classically correct. The welfare of the horse is paramount and the lessons individually tailored for each horse and rider at any level.

I have over thirty years of well documented and demonstrated experience in all aspects of dressage, including work in hand, the traditional Garrocha, doma vaquera and high school as seen in the schools of Europe. All of this comes together to give a vast array of experience and skills to pass on the enthusiastic pupil.

Achievements as rider

Over 30 years of performing in over 3000 shows, lecture demonstrations and displays. I have judged at many shows including The Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Achievements as trainer

From the age of sixteen I have trained hundreds of horses of all breeds of riding horse. I have trained horses and riders in UK, America, Germany and Dubai