Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions.

Can TrainMeDo be used for online coaching?

Yes. The rider is filmed automatically by a robotized camera. The video is streamed in real time and the trainer is able to view and coach the rider from a computer or an iPad.

Has it been proven with an intercontinental connection?

Yes. We have successfully handled training sessions with USA, Chile, Singapore, Australia and many European countries. Distance between the rider and the trainer doesn't matter.

What is required internet speed?

Upload speed of 2.1Mb/sec is enough for HD-video, but we normally recommend to have 5Mb/sec upload speed and use wired connection (Ethernet cable) for the reliable system operation. You can easily check your internet speed using Speedtest.

Does the trainer need to zoom the camera from computer?

No. There is no need to adjust zoom manually, because robot makes automatic zooming in and out.

Does the equipment works both indoor and outdoor?

Yes. This equipment works both indoor and outdoor. It's portable, so it can be used at different riding arenas.

Is there a warranty for the equipment?

Yes. Warranty period for the robot is 2 years, for the camera and streamer 1 year.

How much is subscription fee?

Subscription for Trainers is absolutely FREE.

Subscription for Riders is 49 EUR/month, different discounts may apply. For more information please visit our online shop.

How payments for the lessons are handled between riders and trainers?

Rider pays directly to trainer via agreed payment pathod (wire transfer, PayPal, etc.). TrainMeDo does not charge any commission from the price of the lesson.

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