horse riding trainer - Elaina Vella

Elaina Vella


UTC +2

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Country: Malta

Time zone: UTC +2

Language: English

Discipline: Dressage

Lesson price: 20 EUR


8 years

About me

Horses are my passion and I wouldnlobe to convey that to my students.
I see the horse as poetry in motion and horse and rider biomechanics is my favourite thing.
Graduated in Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation and currently studying Equine Science.

Achievements as rider

Being a “backyard” rider in a “non-horsey” country really made me work hard to achieve my goals.
Been riding every since I can remember and experienced differet sides of riding: from the fun pony days to now a competition rider.

Achievements as trainer

As a trainer I take into account the horse and rider biomechanics, work with the rider to achieve harmony with the horse and be one.
Can teach up to Elementary (BD)