horse riding trainer - Doreen Proos

Doreen Proos


UTC +2

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Country: Netherlands

Time zone: UTC +2

Language: Dutch, English

Discipline: Dressage

Lesson price: 60 EUR


40 years

About me

International Grand Prix rider with lots of (teaching) experience to ride the horse from back to the front. I have a solution for every problem. Also experienced in groundwork using the Chris Irwin Insights teaching you to use horse language so your horse understands you. Lunging and trailerloading included.

Achievements as rider

Grand Prix CDI's as an international and also a national rider. Very experienced in training the horse and rider from the beginning up to the highest levels.

Achievements as trainer

All levels of riders and horses. I have also been on the Dutch television zeven times as a horsemanship trainer solving problems.