Erasing the distance between riders and trainers

Innovate your training

Connect as a Rider

Online coaching

Equestrian riders and trainers worldwide can now reach each other for training with TrainMeDo - a platform for remote training in real time via robotized web camera.

Live equestrian training in real time

Tag bracelet - helps the camera keep rider in focus

Smartphone & headset - helps the rider communicate with the trainer through free Trainmedo mobile app

Internet - riders and trainers must have high speed internet connection of minimum 5 Mbit/s

Robotized camera - streams live video of the rider to the trainer

Tripod - a portable mount for indoor and outdoor use

Computer & headset - the trainer watches the rider on the laptop and communicates through the headset

We use innovative technologies to bring you more comfort during your training sessions

How it works for riders

Training from a home barn

I feel very comfortable getting trained in my arena

What makes TrainMeDo a useful tool for riders is that they can get trained at their home barn with any trainer no matter what is the distance between them. It saves much time and energy on travelling, but still gives much better progress than self-taught riding.


How it works for trainers

Training from a cafe

Now i can give a lesson while being just in a cafe with Wi-Fi

Trainers usually travel much between students’ barns and different shows which makes it hard to give enough lessons to every student. With TrainMeDo they could feel more freedom and mobility to give lessons remotely from anywhere.